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Aerospace Risk Management Services Contractual

A unique team within Global Aviation & Space offering contractual risk management services to the aerospace industry.

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Contract + Review/advice from ARMS Contractual = Risk Reduction

From the wealth of experience within the team, Aerospace Risk Management Services Contractual is there to assist with reducing the contractual risks assumed by our clients.

The aim is to provide advice on:

  • What is ‘usual’ from an aviation insurance perspective and where possible, reduce risk in-line with this, and
  • What is covered under a purchased aviation insurance policy and the associated contractual implications
CertiFly - A new certificate verification service that’s unique to the aviation industry.

Up until now, it’s been the responsibility of aircraft financiers and owners to check the insurance in place on their assets. Without a robust review process you might not be covered adequately and as a result could suffer both financial and reputational loss.

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