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RiskAgility Standard Formula (SF)

RiskAgility SF is part of our life portfolio of integrated software, technology and consulting services – a holistic solution to managing the end-to-end risk modelling process.

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Willis Towers Watson’s RiskAgility Standard Formula (SF) provides a ready-made solution for the Solvency II Standard Formula calculation.

In addition, it runs on the Unify platform to provide effective control and governance of the entire calculation process. Unify retains a full audit history of the model, parameters, input data and results.

The RiskAgility SF calculation engine is implemented in RiskAgility FM, the industry leader in financial modelling for life insurers.

RiskAgility SF is available as a self-contained software product, comprising the Standard Formula application in RiskAgility FM and the Unify platform: everything you need to implement a Standard Formula solution into your business smoothly.

Key features

  • Covers the full scope of the Solvency II Standard Formula SCR and MCR calculations
  • Supports aggregation of complex group structures, which enables you to combine business entities for flexible reporting and analysis.
  • Unlike the Solvency II spreadsheet, RiskAgility SF doesn’t require iterative calculations with helper functions, which simplifies the calculation process.
  • The input interface provides context-sensitive references to the technical specification documents for the SCR and MCR calculations, making it easier to relate the results to the requirements.
  • Provides partial internal model aggregation, with Integration Technique 3 readily available.


RiskAgility SF is a fully-supported application. You will benefit from:

  • Updates: RiskAgility SF is fully supported and maintained by Willis Towers Watson for updates of the Standard Formula issued by EIOPA
  • Helpline: We provide fast and expert advice in the use and deployment of the software
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