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Working collaboratively with clients has shaped our cargo proposition, enabling the creation of tailor-made solutions. One such solution is RADAR, an Internet-based cargo policy management system. RADAR provides clients with a means to manage certificates of insurance, record transits, submit claims and follow their status updates.

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A key benefit of RADAR is its ability to coordinate global data into one environment that can be used to improve decision making at all management levels. It also helps to create a uniform approach to any activity that impacts on global risk management, while providing insight into the overall cost of risk.

We understand that the requirements of RADAR clients will vary. The system has therefore been designed to accommodate individual specifications by capturing data that is unique to any given client’s operations.

Accessed through a standard web browser, the system requires no software installation or set-up on the part of the end-user. This allows all parties involved in a transaction to access a single centrally managed platform. Please contact us for an online or face to face demonstration of RADAR to discuss your requirements.

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