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Next Generation Analytics

Expand your ability to optimize your risks, including niche risks, specific to your industry, with our ever-evolving suite of advanced risk analytics tools.

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We empower transparency, efficiency and resiliency by bringing modeling capabilities across the risk spectrum. Through the expansion of our analytical methods and risk expertise, clients can measure risk and model risk outcomes independently or with support from our risk experts. Optimize your total risk and insurance program with greater efficiency and help your risk spend work harder.

Innovative analytics

Our analytical tools are designed for risk professionals to be utilized independently, or as part of one of our risk platforms, offering a more holistic, industry focussed risk evaluation. You can enhance your organizations financial resilience with a portfolio view of risk with Connected Risk Intelligence or  Dynamic TCOR for a more informed risk finance program based on a myriad of combinations.

By accelerating our existing risk analytics capabilities, using AI and greater data connectivity, we complement our existing suite of models to give you an ever-smarter way to respond to changing risks specific to your industry and a holistic approach to any risk transfer proposition.

Analytics specialized to your industry


Construction and engineering

Gain valuable insights into architects’ and engineers’ professional indemnity risk and errors and omission risk through our sophisticated analytical model. By leveraging our proprietary data and industry expertise, you can accurately evaluate loss potential across a range of project types, allowing you to compare and select the most suitable risk transfer options more easily.


Banking and finance

Our sophisticated predictive modeling evaluates financial institution errors and omissions loss potential and provides decision support to optimize your risk management strategy.

Further enhancements to the model are in pilot phase. These enhancements identify internal and external fraud losses for public and private banking and finance and wider institutions worldwide. With a blend of proprietary and industry data, this tool offers comprehensive insights into fraud risks, empowering you to proactively mitigate financial threats.



Hospital Professional Quantified is powered by our professional liability actuarial claims database to provide transparency into loss potential. It delivers the insight needed to evaluate the efficacy of different risk transfer strategies liability losses unique to the healthcare space.



Unlock insights into hull and machinery risk with this innovative model, powered by both proprietary WTW and industry loss data. Evaluate loss potential and assess the effectiveness of different risk transfer structures.


Renewable energy

Our models bring actionable risk insights and quantification to risk professionals across this increasingly important global industry. For example, we have developed a model that specifically looks at the risks impacting renewable wind farms.

Revolutionize liability challenges


Environmental liability

Fuelled by industry expertise and proprietary loss data, this model quantifies site pollution liability/contractors' pollution and professional and general liability. It offers valuable insight to help safeguard your operations against environmental and liability challenges.


Fiduciary liability

Driven by plan assets and industry insights, this analytical model projects losses arising from fiduciary claims against direct benefit and direct contribution pension plans, with a specific focus on excessive fee claims.

Smarter ways to analyze risk

Your risk management challenges are continually evolving, and so are we. Because you need to quantify and analyze ever-changing risks, we keep innovating. We’re committed to listening to your changing needs and collaborating with risk managers across the globe to benefit you and the wider insurance and risk industry.

Want to help shape the next generation of analytics? We are always looking for opportunities to actively engage with risk, insurance and financial professionals.

Get in touch to discuss our working prototypes and planned evolutions or to tell us how we can meet your unmet or industry-specific needs with our next generation of core analytics.

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