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ESG In Sight: SEA - Race to Resilience

Just like the rest of the world, in Southeast Asia, environmental and climate exposures are typically the first risks that come to mind in terms of ESG, that said, risk management extends into the social and governance categories as well. Essentially, effective risk management – and its impact on people and capital – is also part of good ESG management. Similarly, sustainable investment transcends ESG categories while also incorporating dimensions of people, risk and capital.

Without a multifaceted yet integrated approach to ESG, organizations are likely to fall short of their commitments and face consequences on numerous fronts: shareholder value, ability to attract and retain top talent, and loss of brand equity, among others. As such, WTW helps organizations address an array of ESG challenges through 3 distinct, yet connected, primary areas of focus –

  1. Board Advisory and governance
  2. Climate and resilience
  3. Risk and Analytics

WTW Spotlight Series

With these three broad lenses in mind, a six-episodes on-demand series is developed to discuss various Environmental, Social and Governance-related topics. Bookmark this page and hear from our experts on issues and challenges, the new realities and opportunities for companies as they move towards a green economy. Our spotlight series will provide you with insights on sustainability governance – the importance to drive ESG priorities; the challenges and opportunities in achieving climate resilience and transitioning into net-zero, zooming into specific sectors such as energy, the role of insurers in the ESG, climate and sustainability journey and lastly how WTW can work hand in hand with you to transform tomorrows.

Episode 6: Integrating ESG into risk management

While the world made some progress in 2022 to address climate change, much still remains to be done here in Asia. In this episode, we discuss how ESG factors are shaping risk management for companies in Asia.

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Episode 5: Roles of the Insurers in Climate Resilience

In this episode, we discuss the impact of climate change on the insurance industry and the actions that insurers can take to be more resilient in the face of these challenges.

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Episode 4: Managing climate transition risk in Asia: - Understanding impact from transition

Companies need to adapt or face significant challenges. Investors need to be aware of the effects that this transition will have on companies through changes to policy, technology and the consumer landscape. The transition has the potential to create value, but can also cause significant losses. In this episode, we discuss what’s needed to help public and private sectors drive effective transition to net-zero emissions and if transition risk can be measured.

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Episode 3: Managing climate transition risk in Asia: What actions can companies take?

Unlike in the West, the resources in Asia are completely different. The West has enormous amounts of natural gas and in Asia, the price of gas is much higher in Asia because of the supplies and Asia has massive coal that presents a liability to the climate.

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Episode 2: Achieving Climate Resilience and net-zero

Hear from Rowan Douglas CBE, Head of Climate and Resilience Hub, WTW, in this fireside chat on the issues and challenges faced by governments and companies en route to net-zero and in achieving climate resilience.

What are the three and a half main buckets of climate risk regulators have divided into? Why was Adam Smith, the great economist of the 18th century, mentioned in the fireside chat. Watch the video to learn more!

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Episode 1: Sustainability Governance – Profits or Purpose?

The way organisations manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability issues and incorporate them into all they do has become a critical board-level issue and opportunity. In this first episode of WTW Spotlight Series, we share our views on the role of the Board in driving ESG priorities. Are companies doing this for a purpose or for profits?

Watch the video and hear from Shai Ganu, WTW Global Head of Executive Compensation and Board Advisory, on how the Board should start on this journey, the types of targets the Board should set to measure success and the main driving force for companies to integrate ESG into their business.

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