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A guide to managing severe convective storm risks

January 3, 2024

Uncover risks in severe convective storms, our latest report explores storm dynamics, risk quantification, real-world case studies, and cutting-edge solutions for informed decision-making.
Climate Risk and Resilience

Severe convective storms are intense atmospheric disturbances that can cause powerful winds, large hail, heavy rainfall and occasionally tornadoes.

They arise from specific atmospheric conditions, including:

  • Atmospheric instability: when surface air is warm and the air higher up is significantly colder, it results in rising warm air.
  • Latent heat release: as this warm, moist air rises and condenses, it releases heat, driving storm intensity.
  • Pressure differences: differences in air pressure, or pressure gradients, can amplify wind strength.
  • Low air pressure: allows sufficient warm air to rise into the atmosphere.
  • Wind shear: variations in wind speed and direction with altitude can increase a storm’s longevity and potentially lead to the formation of tornadoes.

In a world of evolving climate patterns, understanding and mitigating risks associated with severe convective storms have never been more crucial.

Our Severe Convective Storms Webinar Report is your comprehensive guide to navigating the complexities of these powerful atmospheric disturbances.

Webinar recording

Severe convective storms webinar recording – 19 September 2023

Key highlights from the report

Insider expertise: Gain insights from our panel of experts, including Senior Catastrophe Risk Analysts, Climate Risk Associates, and Weather Research Leads, as they delve into the intricacies of severe convective storms.

Quantifying the unpredictable: Learn how powerful catastrophe modeling tools can help you measure and quantify risks, providing you with a clear understanding of probable losses and actionable risk management strategies.

Strategic Risk Consultancy: Explore real-world case studies, including a large hail claim from a Texas car dealership, and understand how our strategic risk consultancy services can guide your business decisions in the face of unpredictable storms.

Adapt with Alternative Risk Transfer: Discover alternative risk transfer solutions, such as parametric insurance, designed to offer transparency, speed, and broad coverage, enabling you to proactively manage severe convective storm risks.

Research-backed resilience: Dive into the groundbreaking research from the WTW Research Network, unveiling the latest climate models and advancements in understanding severe convective storm risks.

Why download the full report?

Uncover the full picture: our report goes beyond this teaser, providing in-depth analysis, additional case studies, and actionable strategies to fortify your organization against the impacts of severe convective storms.

Proactive risk management: equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to proactively manage and mitigate severe convective storm risks, ensuring the resilience of your business in the face of unpredictable weather events.

Strategic decision-making: make informed decisions backed by expert insights, allowing you to navigate the dynamic landscape of severe convective storms with confidence.

Download the full report now to harness the power of insights, case studies, and with in-depth analyses, empowering your organization to navigate and mitigate the escalating risks posed by severe convective storms in our changing world.

Ready to discover smarter ways to managing severe convective storm risks? Reach out to our specialists today.

Together, we'll protect what matters most.

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