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Why it’s time to rethink reserving processes

By Dan Joseph , Holly Layton and Sam Bright | March 27, 2023

This five-part article series focused on reserving transformation helps to inform insurers on how to get the most from their reserving function.
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Reserving hasn’t been a hotbed of innovation in an insurance industry that increasingly embraces it in many other aspects of business. The time and opportunity for change is here.

Why do we say that? Quite simply, because through our work across the market, we see the opportunity cost of not recognising reserving as a critical part of business intelligence and performance is rising.

The time is right for more process and technological innovation in the reserving process with two end goals in mind: control and efficiency; and value.

In a series of five articles posted over the coming weeks, including a concluding case study, we will look at the current state of play with reserving processes in insurance markets, what we see as emerging best practice, two alternative methodologies for making reserving process improvements (fix and shift; shift and fix), and the combined reserving transformation considerations of people, processes and technology.

Part 1: What’s getting in the way of reserving innovation?

Part 2: What does best practice insurance reserving look like?

Part 3: Insurance reserving transformation: how you can create momentum

Part 4: The power of three in insurance reserving transformation

Part 5: Reserving transformation in action


Dan Joseph
Director, Insurance Consulting and Technology
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Holly Layton
UKI Reserving Transformation Lead
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Sam Bright
UKI Reserving Innovation Lead
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