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White Paper

How advanced acquirers develop talent to run a cultural workstream for M&A

Findings from the WTW M&A Culture Group

By Jim McKay and Amanda Scott | November 22, 2022

Learn how our work with a group of highly experienced M&A practitioners led to a series of workshops that helps train and develop people to run a cultural workstream for M&A.
Mergers and Acquisitions

This paper is the fifth in a series about advanced M&A cultural practices. The intent of the series is to share the current state of leading practices in cultural work, specifically and only for M&A. In this paper we explain how we worked with our serial acquirer group to set up a series of workshops to help train and develop people to run a cultural workstream for M&A. The exercises we asked the group to consider were built around a hypothetical case study centered on a big firm buying and integrating a German multinational's consulting and digital business and the key leadership, talent, and cultural challenges that come along with that situation.

The paper dives into why understanding the deal life cycle, culture and change skills are so important, with chapters focusing on the workshop setup, goals and exercises. An additional section features our Cultural Framework to help M&A leaders navigate a cultural workstream.

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Managing Director, Global M&A Client Experience Leader
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Managing Director, Global M&A Leader

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