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M&A change management: Achieve your M&A goals through positive change management

The way you manage change during an M&A transaction matters. Our change management experts will help you understand the expectations of different stakeholder groups — and communicate your plans.

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Businesses that are highly effective at managing change tend to remain effective, while those that are ineffective tend to struggle.

An M&A transaction is a time of dramatic change. Aligning employees behind your deal objectives — and motivating them to deliver — is a big challenge. WTW will design a change management strategy that will bring your people with you and help achieve your M&A goals.

How we can help you gain advantage

Our change management experts will understand the attitudes, perceptions and agendas of different employee and stakeholder groups — and communicate your plans in ways that make sense to them. We will work closely with your leaders to: 

  • Manage expectations across the workforce 
  • Explain the process to employees and separate rumor from reality 
  • Identify and overcome obstacles to change
  • Win employee acceptance and advocacy

Our services

Change management and planning

We develop and implement practical strategies to drive change. 

  • Engagement programs: Create a communications plan to gain strong employee engagement and support for change. 
  • Stakeholder engagement: Understand and engage stakeholders across the business to enact and embed change. 
  • Behavioral insights: Identify positive employee behaviors to nurture and behaviors that need to change, and build a plan to ingrain these in the organization.
  • Data-based decision making: Collect and analyze data to help your leaders make informed decisions about managing change.
  • Focused interventions: Help managers and other change leaders to implement change.
  • Implementation: Support you on the ground to implement any changes required. 

Change leadership training

Our change leadership training program uses tried and tested tools and methodology to help your leaders engage and inspire employees and stakeholders through the deal and post-transaction. The program helps leaders:

  • Understand their role in the change process
  • Assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Become effective advocates of change among different employee groups
  • Identify and fill credibility gaps in the company’s approach to change
  • Create an action plan for managing change throughout the integration process 
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