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Employee Surveys

The foundation of an effective listening strategy starts with a comprehensive employee survey that delivers a thorough and valid understanding of organizational culture and engagement, and their links to business performance. We help the world’s largest, most complex global organizations design and deliver a seamless survey experience and the powerful insights needed to achieve high performance.

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We know what drives high performance and can help you get there

High-performing organizations bring together that charmed combination of sustained financial success and fantastic workplace culture that make them enviable competitors. Achieving both is not easy, but it can be done, and from our years of research and working with leading organizations, we know what it takes to get you there.

When WTW manages your survey effort, we help you quickly and easily see where you currently stand relative to our benchmarks, unlock critical insights into your workplace culture, and develop a plan that empowers managers, leaders, teams and HR to put you on the path to high performance.

Large-scale managed surveys generate tremendous organizational momentum for change. Let us help put you on the path to high performance with a managed survey experience that exceeds your expectations and drives real change.

  1. Powerful survey software. Seamless employee experience.

    Our groundbreaking survey platform delivers a seamless survey experience for your employees that links to your HRIS system eliminating the need for employees to enter basic demographic information. It also delivers automated, branded invitations and reminders, and tracks live results with reports available immediately online or in an executive-quality PowerPoint download.

  2. Powerful benchmarks. Change indicators at your fingertips.

    Our benchmarks are unrivalled. From over 10 million surveys a year, we provide over 400 benchmarks including geographic, sector, functional and demographic norms. Compare your organization against our high performance benchmarks to see precisely the change indicators on which you need to focus.

  3. Powerful analytics. Advanced insights and advice.

    Because we benchmark your employee opinions against market data and trends from the world's largest normative database, and enrich those insights with our in-house HR intelligence, we can deliver meaningful, invaluable and actionable insights, instantly. Make your insight bespoke using a range of advanced analytical techniques from our team of PhD qualified social scientists including key driver analysis to identify local drivers of engagement or predictive modeling to identify behavior drivers of customer satisfaction, sales and operational outcomes.

  4. Powerful results. Real change and high performance.

    Gain actionable insights into employee attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that empower managers, teams, leaders and HR to help you achieve high performance.

Why WTW?

With 400 consultants in all major locations of the world, we provide project management, survey and insight strategy design, presentations to senior leaders and deep human capital expertise to help you transform your organization's listening strategy.

  • 10 million employees surveyed each year in 100 languages
  • Nearly 500 norms: country, sector, function, high performance
  • 97% of our clients would recommend WTW

Unleash the power of WTW software, data and advisory services to deliver a world-class employee survey and insight program. Come explore the WTW difference.

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