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Risk Intelligence Central

WTW’s Risk Intelligence Central portal enables easy and efficient access to your risk information, supporting seamless renewals and more informed insurance decision-making.

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Risk Intelligence Central provides an easy-to-access and clearly laid out way to get the information you need to review your insurance program or progress your insurance renewals.

The portal supports more seamless insurance processing with underlying technology that populates your insurance information for you. Using Risk Intelligence Central means there is no unnecessary rekeying of data, or the need to make regular manual updates.

The portal also makes insurance renewals more efficient through clearly sign-posted links to documents and analysis designed to help you refine your approach and seek enhanced value at renewal.

Making more informed insurance decisions easily

We’ve designed Risk Intelligence Central to remove complexity and get things done quickly and effectively. You can easily review your risk data that WTW holds in our digital ecosystem, to view the cover you currently have and what it costs.

Risk Intelligence Central facilitates quick decision-making with succinct summaries of your risk data through an intuitive interface. You can also seek better value by comparing cover from different insurers side-by-side. Risk Intelligence Central presents all insurers’ information consistently, so it is insurer agnostic.

Discover a smarter way to visualize and optimize your risk with Risk Intelligence Central

Automated data environment
Seamless. Integrated. Tailored Improved efficiency Better decision making Improved governance Enhanced security Quick and easy Risk Intelligence Central
Risk Intelligence Central enables easy and efficient access to risk information.

Improved efficiency through a joined-up experience, without unnecessarily having to key or re-key data, or make regular manual updates and quicker access to analytics and day-to-day servicing.

Better decision making with straight-forward access to our analytics*, data and expertise to help simplify complexity around insurance decisions. *License fees apply and will vary – information available on request.

Improved governance through greater clarity, assured decision making and verified records, helping to provide a clear audit trail and supporting organizational confidence in your insurance decisions.

Enhanced security by letting you upload documents and transfer information, rather than sending via email.

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