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Affinity InsurTech Solutions for Mobile Network Operators

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are currently facing fierce competition. This coupled with the acceleration of 5G, the expansion of the internet of things (IoT) and a constantly evolving regulatory environment, creates a highly challenging climate where profit margins are ever tighter. MNOs need to enhance their product offering – and increase their bottom line.

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As MNOs’ investments in IT infrastructure and network expenditure are also set to increase, additional pressure will be placed on their margins, making profitable growth an ever more challenging feat. Willis Towers Watson Affinity partners with MNOs to design and deliver effective Affinity insurance programmes that create competitive differentiation whilst establishing an additional revenue stream.

of the leading MNOs globally work with us.

Insurance Solutions Enabled by Technology

Our Affinity technology platform integrates with MNOs’ existing systems to manage insurance sales and policy administration, making it simpler for our clients to sell insurance at the point of sale and for end-customers to buy insurance directly through the MNOs’ digital channels. The end-customer experience, a top priority for MNOs at present, is dramatically improved as a result.

Affinity InsurTech Solutions for Mobile Network Operators

You can find out more about our technology on the Affinity Technology Platform page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us if you would like to see a demo of the platform.

Affinity Success Stories

Take a look at a case study for real-life examples of our capabilities in action.

Our client, a leading global MNO, faced a competitive disadvantage and low customer loyalty. They approached us to create a differentiated Affinity insurance solution and improve their overall customer experience.

After working with Willis Towers Watson Affinity, our client achieved:

annual revenue
saving in the renewal process
average penetration rate
of claims automatically processed online and 95% of claims approved
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