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Affinity InsurTech Solutions for Financial Services

The financial services industry has certainly been rocked in recent years with digital transformation emerging as the main culprit. This has opened the door to new non-traditional market entrants including FinTech corporations targeting profitable segments of the financial services value chain, placing additional pressure on traditional players to innovate in order to remain competitive.

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The digitally disruptive landscape combined with stagnant growth, regulatory changes, low interest rates and rising costs is certainly proving challenging for those operating in this sector. Willis Towers Watson Affinity partners with financial institutions to deliver InsurTech solutions that not only inject additional revenues but also support customer-centric innovation, driving customer loyalty and, most importantly, consumer trust.

clients that we work with
Affinity insurance programmes in place globally

Insurance Solutions Enabled by Technology

Our Affinity technology platform integrates with financial institutions’ existing systems to support the sale of insurance products through a variety of distribution channels, either as standalone products or linked to the core banking products.

Affinity Technology for Financial Services

You can find out more about our technology on the Affinity Technology Platform page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us if you would like to see a demo of the platform.

Affinity Success Stories

Take a look at our case studies for real-life examples of our capabilities in action.

Case Study - Payment and Loan Protection Insurance

Our client, a leading lender and credit card issuer, had an underperforming existing Affinity insurance programme along with geographically disjointed Affinity operations across their business. Our proposed solution involved redesigning their product portfolio whilst deploying our Affinity technology platform to digitally consolidate their operations across all regions.

After working with Willis Towers Watson Affinity, our client achieved:

on annual gross written premiums
active policies
claims approved
of insurance premium returned to the client and its customers

Case Study - Spend and Purchase Protector

A major regulatory change meant that our client, the number one financial institution in their country, suddenly lost a significant amount of revenue. We worked with them to design high-margin insurance solutions that targeted the areas of their business most negatively affected by the new regulation.

After working with Willis Towers Watson Affinity, our client achieved:

revenue from insurance sales
profit margin
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