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2023 sustainability report

Taking action to create sustainable value

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At WTW, we believe that thoughtful and intentional management of sustainability enhances our success and that of our clients.

In this report, we highlight the accomplishments, actions and practices that contribute to our sustainability strategy, principles and values.


We know our operations impact the environment and we have a role to play in mitigating that impact. We continue to make changes to reduce our carbon footprint and support the environment.

2023 Environmental highlights

  1. Increased renewable energy procurement

    WTW purchased renewable energy in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, U.K. and the U.S.

  2. +33%

    Purchased 33% of electric power from renewable energy sources

  3. -27%

    Decreased emissions by 27% from 2019 driven by purchasing renewable energy and a reduction in travel

  4. Implemented programs to reduce single-use plastics in offices globally

People and community

The people and community pillar of our sustainability strategy focuses on our colleagues, our partners and the communities in which we operate.

2023 People and community highlights

  1. 475K

    Colleagues completed over 475,000 hours of training through WTW’s learning and leadership development platforms.

  2. We added new physical, emotional and mental health resources to our central wellbeing resources hub on our intranet

  3. 1.9M

    WTW gave more than $1.9 million in charitable donations in 2023 through our business and office giving and our charitable matches


Our governance strategy and company values emphasize the management of all relationships with fairness, decency and good citizenship. We recognize that governance provides the structure for our approach to being a responsible and ethical business partner.

2023 Governance highlights

  1. Continued to require all colleagues globally to complete training on the Code of Conduct

  2. Onboarded three new independent directors as part of the board’s multiyear refreshment

  3. Continued programs to support and manage our data security, operational security and safety, and business continuity

By challenging one another, we create the best ideas to meet the needs of our clients, colleagues, investors, partners and communities.

We are proud of the work we have done to help WTW and our clients transform tomorrows and will continue to accelerate these efforts.

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