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Financial Digital Solutions

As more employees look to take better control over their finances, Willis Towers Watson provides the technology and solutions to help people make informed retirement and personal finance decisions.

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Approximately 70% of employees globally have reported concerns about financial wellbeing.1 Financial institutions, pension funds and employers can play a crucial role. They are increasingly looking to support their members and employees in understanding and maximising their benefits, retirement security and overall financial wellbeing.

We work with our clients to develop tools and solutions to engage and educate, help people make decisions and drive positive financial behaviours.

Our technology integrates individuals’ data with pension scheme or employment information to achieve a highly personalised and engaging user experience.

Our tools and solutions

We offer a wide range of tools for employers, product providers, banks and pension funds globally:

  1. 01

    Retirement modelling tools

    A wide range of modelling tools to help members understand all aspects of their retirement situation and needs, make saving and investment decisions and take action to achieve retirement goals.

  2. 02

    Defined Benefit (DB) modelling tools

    Specialised modelling tools to support DB fund members in making decisions about all aspects of their retirement planning, including DB to defined contribution (DC) benefit comparisons.

  3. 03

    Financial wellbeing programs

    Hands-on employee financial wellbeing programs with integrated modelling tools across key money management and retirement topics to help people plan and implement personalised financial wellbeing plans.

  4. 04

    Employee benefit modellers

    Customised projection tools for employers to provide personalised online guidance to their employees around:

    • Rollout of new employee benefit plans
    • Benefit plan re-design and/or introduction of new plan options
    • Benefit enhancements and ancillary benefit rollouts
  5. 05

    Personalised videos

    Explainer videos personalised with customer data, session inputs and investment projections to create a fully personalised narrative on key retirement and personal finance topics, or employee benefit decisions.

Our online modellers

Willis Towers Watson modelling tools are a powerful way to enrich your communications by personalising financial topics for each individual user.

UX design

Our tools are designed to meet the unique needs of your employees or fund members. We pride ourselves on pioneering ‘design thinking’ methodologies to build tools that are user-centric, engaging and practical.

Modelling expertise

Drawing on our actuarial, retirement and financial planning expertise over the years, we have developed extensive calculation APIs to cover a wide range of retirement and financial planning topics.

Proven technology platform

Our tools are deployed under cost-effective SaaS arrangements using our proven technology platform with an optional multi-country, multi-client, multi-language capability.

As a result, our clients get the best of both worlds – flexibility of a custom-built user experience, with the reliability of a proven technology infrastructure.

graphic showing the capabilities of personalised online tools and solutions for employees and fund members
Personalised online tools and solutions for employees and fund members


1 Willis Towers Watson Employee Opinion Norm Database – August 2020

Willis Towers Watson working with our UK client Howdens

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