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Equity Solutions

Multi-manager structure focusing on only the best stock ideas of our top-rated equity managers.

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Challenges you face

75%1 of active equity managers underperform net of fees

Very few asset owners properly diversify

Making and implementing decisions in an equity portfolio takes time

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Identify skilled managers and have them focus only on their top ideas

Improve chances of success by creating a multi-manager structure and diversify across style, size, sector and geography

Use brand and scale to reduce costs

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Meeting your needs

Only our top-rated managers


Custom mandates, investing only in managers' top 10 to 20 stocks


Reducing unwanted risk factors

= Maximize the potential outperformance of your equity allocation in all conditions

1 Over a 5-year basis. Source: S&P Dow Jones Indices, SPIVA US Scorecard. Data as of June 30, 2018. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

Our differentiated approach

  1. 01

    Specialist execution

    It is difficult to outperform equity markets, and investors tend to be impatient when their investment managers underperform. In order to build a resilient portfolio, asset owners need diversification and patience. We believe you need six to 12 different skilled equity managers to prevent style, geography, sector or size factors from dominating relative returns.

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    Ideas and innovation

    Most equity managers do not provide a strategy comprising only their best stock ideas. We seek to avoid stock fillers that dilute the value and reduce total performance, giving you access to only the top 10 to 20 best ideas of each underlying top-rated manager. This allows you to capture manager skill and avoid index-hugging.

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    Value for money

    Given our strong network and established reputation, we engage with investment managers. We leverage our scale and first-mover advantage by creating new mandates and offer our investors a bespoke global equity portfolio at a competitive price.

  4. 04

    Time and expertise

    Our portfolio management team ensure a balanced combination of versatile and skilled investment managers. We actively manage the portfolio, diversifying away unintended risk such as style, sector, geography or size. This enables our high-conviction managers to do what they do best, pick stocks.

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