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Reputational Risk
Benchmarking Portal

Is your business reputation-risk-ready?

Benchmark your business against 500+ companies on a defined standard in reputational risk research.

WTW’s Reputation Risk Readiness Review (R4) provides a detailed picture of resilience against reputational risk and benchmarks against the best practice strategies found in some of the world’s leading companies.

Compiled by our experts to give you insight into your reputational risk profile.

Introduction to the reputational risk benchmarking portal

By simply completing a short questionnaire on our site, you receive:

  1. A report detailing your company’s reputational risk maturity score across the seven pillars of reputational governance.
  2. Benchmarking against some of the world’s leading companies, with further comparison available for the leisure and hospitality, transportation, charities / non-government organizations, manufacturing, and retail industries.
  3. Best practice recommendations on how you can improve your reputational risk readiness profile, from risk identification and resilience through to social media best practice.


Is your business reputation-risk-ready?

Take part in our short survey to see how your business compares to some of the world's leading companies.

* Please note, by taking part in this survey your responses will be anonymised and added to our database for future benchmarking use and thought leadership survey reports.

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