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ESG and employee experience: Why it matters and where to start

November 4, 2022

Explore what HR and sustainability leaders need to understand about ESG and employee experience including why ESG is important to your workforce, where to begin your ESG journey and how to activate your board, management, and employees.
ESG and Sustainability|Employee Experience
ESG In Sight

Today’s workforce has high expectations. Employees want to experience meaning in their work and know how their contributions will impact the company and society.

Articulating your organization’s purpose and connecting it with inspiration can help you attract the talent you seek and retain the talent you have. ESG commitments have a role to play when it comes to demonstrating purpose. Recognizing the fundamental relationship between ESG principles and the employee experience (EX) enables you to forge this essential bond between people and work.

Explore what HR and sustainability leaders need to know about ESG and EX

Companies typically look to HR to amplify connections with their workforce through careers and total rewards. In this webcast, we’ll explore what HR and sustainability leaders need to understand about ESG and EX including:

  • Why ESG is important to your workforce
  • How to decide where to begin your ESG journey
  • How to activate the board, management, and your workforce 

Hear firsthand from ESG leaders around the world

Sustainability leaders from Boeing and Danone share key activities they’re pursuing to improve their employee experience.

Learn from WTW employee experience experts

The session concludes with a panel discussion among leading employee experience experts at WTW discussing best practices and trends they are seeing in their work with clients.

You’ll walk away from the session with ideas for initiating and continuing your ESG journey and an understanding of how WTW can help you differentiate your organization when competing for talent, inspire your current employees, and use the power of your workforce to deliver on your ESG goals.


Anne Stilts
Sustainability Analyst, Sustainable Operations and Behaviors

Gian Maria Bruno
Global B-Corp Director

Ingrid Woolfolk
Senior Director, Employee Experience Architect
email Email

Gaby Joyner
Head of Great Britain
email Email

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