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Risk Intelligence Quantified

Elevate your risk management. Achieve transformative analysis of dynamic risks through direct access to WTW’s modeling platform with Risk IQ.

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Whether you want to enter new markets, stress test business scenarios, or assess mergers and acquisitions (M&As), you can do so with expert risk insight exactly when you need it with Risk Intelligence Quantified (Risk IQ).

Dynamic risks can be difficult to identify, quantify, and mitigate. This means articulating the protection value of insurance against an exposure to the C-suite can be challenging.

Transforming organizational views on the risk function means modernizing the way you understand changing risks, and evolving the way you communicate risk transfer strategies.

Risk IQ empowers risk specialists to do exactly this.

Regardless of where the organization is in its renewal cycle, or whether or not WTW is your broker, Risk IQ provides an on-demand, direct platform to quantify and analyze ever-changing risks and all major insurable renewals, dynamically assessing and evaluating combinations of risk transfer efficiency and risk levels.

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