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Connected Risk Intelligence

Refine your risk finance strategy with Connected Risk Intelligence, a decision-making software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform enabling optimized risk finance decisions and maximized value.

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Organizations must transform their approach to risk financing to enhance resilience in a changing world. Evolving risks, meanwhile, create opportunities to re-envision your risk finance approach and reveal unexplored value. Connected Risk Intelligence is a decision-making platform designed to make this happen.

By evaluating risks to the business in one view, Connected Risk Intelligence empowers you to apply the same portfolio perspective to risk finance options as the business does to investment decisions.

A smarter way to efficient risk decisions

There’s no single answer on where the most efficient trade-offs between cost and risk reduction lie. The efficient frontier is different for every organization and shifts as conditions evolve.

How are you prioritizing risks? How do you evaluate opportunities against risk? How can you reduce annual budget on risk or reduce volatility without increasing costs?

Connected Risk Intelligence gets you a range of solutions now, and time and again when things change.

When decisions on finding the balance between reducing risk and spending on mitigation are under growing scrutiny, Connected Risk Intelligence gives you a consistent, repeatable and auditable rationale. The framework not only reveals the optimal paths for the business, but shows exactly how you got there.

What can Connected Risk Intelligence deliver?

With the platform, you can:

  • Identify the major risks to your business
  • Quantify and analyze exposures and the combinations of investment options to uncover the path to optimal implementation
  • Evaluate the value from your risk financing

Connected Risk Intelligence navigates these complexities, finds a range of solutions and articulates the rationale for each.

Connecting risk finance with organizational strategy

Connected Risk Intelligence helps to define success for risk finance decisions within a risk tolerance framework, enhancing financial resilience in line with your organization’s goals.

The platform gives you the risk analytics to help decide where best to concentrate your resources to protect your organization. You can visualise the arbitrage opportunities between risks over desired durations, across different risk metrics and remodel rapidly when financial circumstances change.

How can Connected Risk Intelligence benefit you?

By aligning risk optimization with finance strategy, Connected Risk Intelligence delivers:

  • Improved governance via an auditable framework for comparing overall risk versus returns
  • Reduced overall volatility in line with established risk tolerance
  • Efficient risk expenditure, enabling the business to release unused risk capital
  • Long-term resilience aligned with climate and environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals
  • Greater agility through rapid remodelling when circumstances change.

To optimize your risk financing, bolster the bottom line or shift your organization’s strategic outlook to long-term sustainability, find out more about Connected Risk Intelligence.

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