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RiskAgility Financial Modeler (FM)

RiskAgility FM is a fast, flexible, actuarial software solution that enables life and health insurers and pension companies to run financial models that accurately reflect their products and company, and to run them in ways that are easily adapted to their business processes and regulatory reporting needs.

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Built with the latest algorithms and software technology for enhanced performance and ease of use, we have designed RiskAgility FM to be adaptable to your way of doing things, so you don't have to fit your needs to rigid software requirements imposed by black-box models.

RiskAgility Financial Modeller

RiskAgility Financial Modeller runs financial models that accurately reflect a life company’s products, and is easily adapted to the company’s business processes and regulatory reporting needs.

The software focuses on delivering the key benefits required by modern financial reporting and management:

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs, capable of modelling everything you need and easy to maintain
  • Performance and scalability to deliver results as quickly as you need them, and as cost-effectively as possible
  • End-to-end integration with other systems and processes to deliver faster close
  • Governance and automation support to reduce the model risks
Code Manager + Input Manager + Run Manager + Output Manager
Figure 1. Modelling functions are organised into groups to easily adapt the system to your company's business practices

Modeling functions have been separated into logical groups, so your modelers can create reusable objects within these functions that are available throughout the system. This makes it easy to create a modeling process that works well across your business environment.

This makes everyone's job easier, reduces the learning curve, and improves model governance and control.

The Team edition builds on the Standard edition to create a multi-user collaborative environment. This enables your modellers to work together more efficiently and your company to track, manage and control the development of your models.

Why RiskAgility FM

  • Using the latest algorithms and technology enables you to complete your reports in less time, with lower costs and less stress. Faster calculations support more analysis and more details, thereby improving risk- and capital- management
  • Open data formats, APIs and a wide range of high-performance compute options ensure RAFM complements your existing tools and processes
  • Data and assumptions are linked directly, validated, and fully segregated from the models, to ensure integrated and auditable reporting; and to minimise process risks in sensitivity analysis
  • Modular code and collaborative development tools mean lower costs and better governance when building models. Either build from scratch, from your existing calculations, or from our local, regional and specialist templates.
  • Powerful and open modelling language ensures you retain the choice to accurately model your business or introduce the approximations you want, and hence manage and report risk the way you want
  • Full transparency on the models, backed with code-analysis and debugging tools, help you confidently understand exactly how the calculations model your business
  • Used throughout WTW and across clients in all six continents to both manage risks, and to meet regulatory reporting needs such as local GAAP, IFRS-17 and LDTI.
  • Complemented with SaaS options for pay-as-you-go compute on demand (vGrid), automated regression testing (vTest), and hosting (vPlace).
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