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Indigo Vault

Reduce your risk from insider threat, data breaches, and intellectual property theft with Indigo Vault.

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Future proof your document security

Where is your company’s most valuable information? More and more frequently, it’s  found inside the documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs stored in employee files. Often, these individually created files are stored in shared drives, emailed to other employees, and protected with a shared password — or nothing at all. Indigo Vault protects your files with the strongest encryption possible: first of its kind quantum computing resistant encryption in storage, in transit and in use.

Why Indigo Vault?

Cyber security

Dark web protected

Over one billion people have already had their data exposed on the dark web in 2024. With Indigo Vault Quantum Resistant Encryption, even stolen files can’t be decrypted by the most advanced computers in the world.

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Fully integrated with Azure and Microsoft Office

Indigo Vault is seamlessly embedded into Microsoft Azure and Office to work behind the scenes to protect your documents with minimal configuration.


Secure file sharing

Most document storage companies offer a trade-off between security and sharing. Combining Microsoft Entra ID with our always-encrypted capability, Indigo Vault can share files seamlessly across your workspace, Teams environment or data rooms.

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