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Driving change with WTW Engage Coach

May 30, 2024

Surveys alone don’t drive change. Leaders, managers, and colleagues, inspired by clear insights and credible advice, drive change.
Employee Experience
Driving change with Engage Coach

With Engage Coach AI – The first generative AI tool to provide bite-sized advice and insights for managers based on their survey results.

While some programmatic changes based on what story the results are telling is driven centrally by HR, the key missing link to make local implementation of changes robust are the managers. This means that hundreds or even thousands of managers and mid-level leaders need to be equipped with data and actionable insights to support the change process after the survey. Today there is a gap in terms of enablement that managers get to drive this change.

In this video, Paresh Rajgarhiaa, Product Sales Leader, International talks about how WTW’s Engage Coach addresses this gap for organisations specifically created with busy managers in mind, and how can organisations empower managers to drive change?

Engage Coach provides managers and leaders with short pieces of advice, helping managers act on survey results. The advice is both focused and practical and combines immediate actions with longer-term suggestions. It appears on the manager’s survey dashboard and corresponds to each of the three priority areas selected for them based on their team’s unique pattern of results.

Managers can also search through the Engage Coach library of more than 500 carefully crafted suggestions, categorised by suggestion type, topic, and population, and have helpful advice for nearly any issue which arises from an employee survey. This material includes both WTW-published content as well as a library of thousands of videos, articles and book summaries from hundreds of popular and business media. Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Engage Coach also provides AI-driven suggestions for any topic in the survey.

There is no better way to support your managers and leaders to take the actions needed to improve their employees’ experiences, engagement, and performance.

Get in touch! For more information, please fill up the form on the webpage or feel free to connect with a WTW consultant.

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