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Long-term incentives: Latest market trends and innovative design choices

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June 14, 2023

Webinar discussed latest market trends and innovative LTI approaches being adapted by organisations in India.
Compensation Strategy & Design|Executive Compensation|Work Transformation|Employee Experience|Ukupne nagrade

Long-term incentives (LTI) have long been a critical element in executive pay. Recently, we have seen disruptive practices by technology firms and startup organisations, where LTI was used effectively for critical talent across the organisation, not just executives.

However, with the rapidly changing business priorities and growing uncertainty in global business sentiments, WTW has used innovative design of incentives to best suit organisations’ needs. HR and Rewards leaders are facing talent and compensation challenges around:

  • Prevalent LTI design practices across sectors in India
  • Differences based on life stage (startup vs. mature organisation), complexity of business etc.
  • Innovative approaches in LTI beyond ESOPs and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Leveraging LTI effectively and using approaches like bonus banking and psychology of pay

The webinar was led by Rajul Mathur, Head of Work and Rewards and Saranya KR, Head of Executive Compensation and Board Advisory at WTW India.

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