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Survey Report

Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey 2022

India findings

June 24, 2022

Far-reaching workplace changes, tight labour markets and changing technology and data strategies are prompting employers to rethink work, total rewards and careers. Discover how organisations are responding.
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Organisations have faced significant pressures resulting from far-reaching changes in the workplace over the past three years. These include new ways of working and a growing emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); changing technology and data strategies; and the increasing importance of organisational agility as well as the evolving manager and leader competencies required to operate in a flexible work environment.

WTW conducted the Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey 2022 to understand how organisations are responding to the above changes in the workplace and shaping new strategies and solutions around work, total rewards and careers to unleash the performance of their workforce.

About the survey

51 organisations' participated in the Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey – 2021-22 with 723k employees at responding organisations.
Break-up of organisations by number of employees
Majority of the survey participants are from the IT and Telecom sector followed by manufacturing and General Services.
Break-up of organisations by industry

Key findings of the survey

New normal

54% organisations believe that they have not yet reached a new normal

Talent attraction and retention challenges

78% organisations are experiencing talent attraction challenges and 64% organisations are experiencing talent retention challenges during 2022

Employee Experience and job framework

61% organisations see a need to create a holistic employee experience while 58% view strengthening their work and rewards framework as the most important capability over the next three years

Use of AI and skills-based placement of work

65% organisations believe that the use of AI and 57% believe that the use of skills-based placement of work will drive the most change in how we work

Leader and manager capabilities

67% organisations are building leader and manager capabilities around engaging talent with flexible work arrangements


55% organisations believe that they are providing a differentiated total rewards offering to their key talent

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