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Job Architecture and Job Leveling

Regardless of the employment relationship, the building blocks of a reward and career framework are evolving. A formal job architecture and systematic job levelling approach enable employers to consistently and fairly apply Total Rewards programs, ensure organisation effectiveness and help employees navigate their careers.

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Whether an organisation is global or domestic, large or small, a formal job architecture and systematic job levelling approach can serve as the foundation for consistent and integrated talent and reward programs in an evolving workplace. While structurally connecting employees to reward and career frameworks, this also represents an organisation’s commitment to providing pathways that will unlock potential, opportunity and performance.

A job architecture provides the basic organising construct for aligning jobs within an organisation based on the types of work performed (functions, families, disciplines, job titles, job codes). Once the functions and families are in place, the job levelling process is used to determine the relative value of jobs in your organisation and serves as an input to comparing jobs in the external market, developing a consistent titling construct and refining job codes as needed.

Regardless of the current job architecture and job levelling landscape in your organisation, Willis Towers Watson can review, update and integrate existing solutions into an optimised approach or develop a new solution from the ground up. Our approach helps organisations to:

  • Align jobs located in multiple regions or across different lines of business.
  • Create an integrated framework for the organisation and employees after a merger, acquisition or other structural change.
  • Provide a basis for carrying out fair pay analysis e.g. gender pay equity.
  • Drive consistency, competitiveness and efficiency among HR policies and practices
  • Clarify distinctions among levels to support career development.

Job levelilng

Job levelling helps organisations address business needs ranging from attraction, engagement and retention of key talent, to cost and risk management, to governance of Total Rewards program delivery. The key benefits of job levelling for your organisation include a:

  • Reward and career framework that aligns with business needs, strategy, culture and Talent Value Proposition
  • Common language to describe career pathways, job requirements and performance expectations
  • Foundation to support linkages to organisational and job family competencies
  • Consistent mapping of jobs to external market data
  • Cost-efficient approach to talent management and reward program design and delivery
  • Mechanism to help ensure internal equity.

Willis Towers Watson offers a range of job levelling approaches, from established methodologies to custom solutions. Our Global Grading System (GGS) and Career Map job levelling tools are not only more flexible than traditional methods, but are also easier to understand, implement and manage. And they can be implemented individually or in tandem.

Custom and integrated solutions

There is no single job levelling or job architecture solution that will suit all organisations. We blend and shape elements of existing programs with the latest thinking, our established methodologies and leading-edge, user-friendly software to deliver job levelling and job architecture solutions that meet your specific needs. Our solutions work seamlessly to provide the essential framework you need for analyzing, planning and managing your reward and career programs. Such solutions will ensure a sound foundation to align and boost the efficiencies of all employee-centric activities.

Irrespective of whatever job levelling and job architecture solution you choose, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are backed by Willis Towers Watson experts in rewards, talent, HR software, communications and change management. Moreover, our job levelling and job architecture solutions align to the largest source of compensation data in the world, helping power your decision-making based on facts rather than extrapolation.

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