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Health and Social Care Practice

When the only certainty is that the delivery of health and social care services will continue to change, at WTW we work alongside our clients to help them maximise their return on risk. Our absolute focus is to ensure that we arm our clients with the knowledge that will allow them to make informed decisions about risk. We understand the challenges which is why we have developed a range of bespoke solutions to support you.

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The WTW Health and Social Care Practice is committed to serving providers of health and care services across the country in the private and not for profit sector. Our expertise and client base ranges from statutory bodies, private hospitals, disability service providers, mental health facilities, nursing homes, private health insurers and community care providers. We are committed to supporting our colleagues across Ireland by delivering resources, knowledge and insight to help clients manage the risks of today and providing foresight into the emerging risk landscape.

We also link closely with colleagues from across business units and related sector groups, locally and globally, in order to leverage the expertise which exists to support our existing and future clients.

Supporting your risk management strategy

How you manage risk internally plays a significant part in ensuring your insurance premiums are maintained at a sustainable level. Health and social care providers are characterised by their diversity, so we work alongside our clients to develop a shared understanding of the risks that run parallel to their opportunities for growth and profitability.

Understanding and managing your risk

We understand that every business is different. We’ve developed our tools and solutions to help understand what’s unique about yours.

Bespoke solutions

Developing a risk map

Presenting your organisation as a risk of choice

Specialist scenario planning with health and social care experts

Claims history review

Incident and accident training

Policy and procedure compliance audits

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