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ResQ, our award-winning reserving software, uniquely combines powerful modelling and advanced reserving methods with flexible data management to create a complete reserving solution.

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ResQ Machine-led Reserving

ResQ Machine-led Reserving module produces the optimal parameterization of ResQ's aggregate methods, providing faster and more objective results. It allows reserving teams to improve accuracy and work more efficiently by providing an unbiased, objective indication and quickly providing diagnostics, which can help teams prioritize their work.

ResQ is the industry-leading P&C insurance and reinsurance loss reserving solution, used by almost 500 companies globally to carry out fast, insightful analysis of claims experience and trends with complete transparency and to communicate more reliable results with greater confidence.


ResQ, our award-winning reserving software uniquely combines powerful modelling and advanced reserving methods with flexible data management to create a complete reserving solution.

How can your business benefit from ResQ?


Powerful Reserving Methods

Actuarial methods are pre-built and pre-tested giving you confidence that calculations are accurate. A graphic-focused approach to the methods enables you to visually identify trends and red flags.


Advanced Analytics

Leverage modern machine learning concepts to produce objective indications by generating the optimal parameters for ResQ’s in-built aggregate methods. Combines advanced analytics with traditional methods to gain insights and efficiency whilst retaining interpretability.


Flexible Data Management

Data, methods and selections are stored in one central repository with cloud compatibility. No need to have a network of spreadsheets open to ensure calculations are working. Data can easily be exported for downstream processes like Power BI dashboards.


Free Up Your Time

Let ResQ do the heavy lifting on rolling forward to each evaluation and processing your data into triangles and reserving segmentations, allowing you to focus on analysis and close faster.


Governance and Control

Define roles for your team based on their responsibilities and control their access to sensitive data and selections as the results progress through the review. The Audit Log will track every change made throughout your analysis from the import of data to the locking-down of all assumptions.



Every feature, every button click in ResQ is accessible by code. Automate routine tasks within a controlled, secure environment, either within ResQ or by integrating with Unify, our enterprise-wide systems integration, workflow and automation platform.


Reserve Uncertainty

ResQ’s stochastic add-on package allows you to see where your point estimate sits within a range of outcomes. Hundreds of thousands of simulated results are at your fingertips.


Regulatory and Accounting Standards

A range of configurations include features to address specific regulatory and accounting standards, such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Solvency II. ResQ Financial Reporter offers an out-of-the-box IFRS 17 accounting standard solution


Flexible for All P&C Insurers

Scalable to serve the diverse reserving needs of the broad spectrum of insurers, from domestic monoline organizations to global multinationals.

With more than two decades of continuous improvement and ongoing innovation, ResQ is the pathway to cost-effective, strategically-focused reserving.

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