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Airport Risk Community (ARC)

The Airport Risk Community provides a network through which knowledge and expertise can be shared to create a stronger and more resilient airport industry.

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The airport sector has undergone many changes and continues to operate within a challenging and transformational risk landscape.

WTW works in partnership with your industry to understand the risks that global airports face across their operations and to support you with guidance and risk advice.

In response to your challenges, we created this specialist community connecting aviation professionals globally, to share expertise, knowledge and customized solutions, helping you to mitigate your operation’s risks through shared best practice and collaboration.

Please contact us if you wish to find out how your company can work in partnership with the Airport Risk Community or alternatively participate in any future events.

How we deliver value

The value the community delivers is focused around three core principles, with an ultimate purpose to support a stronger and more resilient industry:


An industry forum created to understand and discuss risk; share best practice and support your airport's sustainable growth.

Benefit: Encouraging effective dialogue and collaboration between industry and risk management.


Evaluating your risk landscape through research, insights, events, insurance market updates and technical expertise.

Benefit: Supporting a proactive response to sector developments and risk trends.


Customized innovative solutions supporting your risk needs across both people and assets.

Benefit: Providing increased visibility of all risks, delivering a connected approach to the total cost of risk and its management.

Airport Risk Community

Opening up a world of opportunity: The Airport Risk Community focuses on people and asset risk and has been launched to globally connect the airport community.


Airport Risk Index (ARI)

The Airport Risk Community (ARC) has worked with the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, a long term Willis Research Network partner, to develop the Airport Risk Index (ARI), a risk profiling framework for airports.

ARI offers airports the ability to interrogate their existing and future assumptions on risk exposure. It combines historical and predictive analysis, to determine the levels of probability and impact of operational disruption on an airport’s profitability.

In developing ARI, 110 airports were chosen representing both the largest commercial airports and also the importance of interconnectivity across the globe, and 19 threats for their potential to cause high-impact events that could shut down an airport for extended periods or prolonged disruption.

ARI helps airports to see how they compare to best practice, and in doing so, see where they need to improve and where often limited risk management resources are best applied. For more information regarding the wider benefits of this framework in your airport’s resilience planning, please contact us.

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