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Global News Briefs

A focus on headquarters and multi-country research and thought leadership in benefits and total rewards. Covering the latest thinking on issues vital to the success of your organization and your people, such as retirement, benefits management, diversity, wellbeing and financial resilience, and more. With a curated selection of related legislative changes in individual countries and legislatures.

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Featured articles this month

  1. 2024 Global benefits financing matrix and poolable coverages

    The 2024 global benefits financing matrix provides a complete listing of the eight key global benefits networks, their affiliated insurers and their offshore capabilities.

  2. EU Pay Transparency Directive – Transposing into national law

    The EU Pay Transparency Directive requires each Member State to introduce legislation by 2026, and how they do this will be critical to the impact it will have on pay equity. Our whitepaper sets out that ambition to maximize its impact on fair pay in national laws.

  3. 2024 AGM trends in Europe

    Our analysis highlights trends in executive remuneration policies and proxy advisor recommendations/voting results for all remuneration resolutions for companies listed in the top indices of twelve European countries.

  4. AI accelerates M&A into the future

    Effective leaders are already using AI to streamline deal processes, freeing them to focus on relationship management, negotiation and strategic decision making.

  5. Cost and Risk Management Channel

    Plan sponsors have long faced increasing pressure to manage the cost and risk of their pension plans. The Channel helps organizations monitor the financial condition of their benefit plans across the globe, and forecast cost and risk in the future


Global News Briefs

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