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Pension de-risking: The latest opportunities from around the world

June 28, 2023

In this webcast, we take a look at developments to managing pension risk globally. This includes a panel discussion where clients share their experiences.
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Despite a more uncertain economic backdrop, including higher inflation and higher long-term yields than 12 months ago, companies continue to look for ways to manage pension risk. This includes changes to plan design, revised funding and investment hedging strategies, as well as settling pension liabilities

In our pension de-risking webcast (June 2023), we hosted a client panel discussion explaining some of the pension de-risking actions they have been involved with, the rationale behind them, and some of their lessons learned. Our WTW experts also provide insight into the current pension de-risking activity across a number of the key markets.

Below you will find our bite sized overview of key discussion points (3min video) or you can watch the recording of the full webcast (58 mins). Please use the scroll function underneath the video to select the one you wish to view.


Senior Director, Integrated & Global Solutions

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