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vGrid helps insurers scale computing resources as business demands change without the need to self-manage and maintain a complex IT infrastructure.

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A flexible computational grid solution through a managed service harnesses the power of our leading financial modeling software, RiskAgility Financial Modeler (RiskAgility FM), enabling life insurers to develop and run financial models to manage risk and safeguard solvency.

Why vGrid?

vGrid delivers extra computing power without the challenge of purchasing, implementing and maintaining a computational grid on your premises. With a 24/7 managed infrastructure and expert assistance when needed, you can be confident of a reliable and future-proof grid service. Plus, you only pay for what you use, making it a cost-efficient processing solution.

Key benefits of vGrid:

  • Fully integrated with Willis Towers Watson's RiskAgility Financial Modeller
  • Scalable and available on demand
  • Controlled by your end users to your own needs
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Reduced complexity and cost associated with hardware and ongoing maintenance
  • Secure and compliant
  • 24/7 support service from our software experts
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