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Lower your total cost of risk with our claims specialists. Our claims advocacy and consultancy will help increase your return on insurance investment and minimize disruption to your business.

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We help you lower your total cost of risk (TCOR) by leveraging the expertise of our claims specialists. Our claims advocacy, consultancy and operational services work across all classes of insurance coverage and around the globe. They will help you increase the return on risk transfer to help protect your business, people and assets.

Any loss can create uncertainty for you. We work to provide clarity, helping you understand the application of your policy’s coverage. Our claims service delivery teams, supported by our customized analytic tools, empower us to understand, resolve and minimize your most complex insurance claims. We'll help to get you back to business with minimal disruption to your organization.

Our claims team helps you increase the return on your insurance investment and lower your TCOR through:

  • Operational claims handling and reporting
  • Claims monitoring
  • Claims advocacy
  • Claims consultancy
  • Complex claims resolution
  • Loss mitigation
  • Project-specific loss control consulting

Our claims approach

Claims are a commercial reality. Their effective management and your confidence in the insurance claims process, is fundamental to the success of your operation. An expedient claim will help you:

  • Get back up and running as quickly as possible
  • Reduce your TCOR
  • Allow you to focus on achieving your business targets

This philosophy has informed our claims proposition, which moves beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to adapt to meet your changing requirements.

We dedicate a loss manager to your claims. Our expert loss managers will focus on understanding your changing needs, realizing value potentially hidden in a complex environment.

Claims analytics

Recognizing that quality management information is key to the effective understanding of insurance claims, we developed a suite of tools and expert analytical techniques to identify, isolate and target cost drivers for your business. We leverage expertise across WTW to deliver custom-made, creative and value-focused claim resolutions.

Global claims support

Our global presence, in more than 140 countries and markets, ensures we can support your operations around the world and advise you locally and/or centrally on claims. Our global claims advocates provide a single point of contact for all claims issues. We collect information on your claims activity from around the world and put it into a dashboard so you can see and respond to claims wherever they happen.

Major and complex loss management

A major loss presents a significant risk of disruption to your organization, especially management time, your reputation and loss of revenue. Our major and complex loss consultants can support you onsite to help quickly return your organization to business as usual.

Our experienced specialists will directly project-manage the claim, focusing on:

  • Policy coverage
  • Damage mitigation
  • Recovery potential
  • Interim payments

They will seek to secure maximum policy indemnity at the earliest possible opportunity (exploring alternative settlement methods, where appropriate). Our specialists act as part of your team and can provide access to our wider risk management expertise to further support you.

The Forensic Accounting and Complex Claims Practice can support the preparation, quantification and resolution of large complex business interruption losses, covering the entire process. Our qualified chartered and forensic accountants have the necessary expertise to accurately calculate complex financial losses and properly present them to insurers. They can also work side-by-side with you, onsite to help quickly reach a resolution and meet your needs after a loss.

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