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Radar Live

Radar Live, from Willis Towers Watson’s award-winning Radar suite, enables prices and rules to be deployed directly to a rating system and calculated in real time.

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Radar Live allows prices, rules, adjustments, scores and other metrics developed in Radar to be deployed directly to a rating system calculated in real time. In markets where regulation permits, this can include policy or risk-level optimization.

Radar Live

Deliver quotations and rules without constraint

The insurance rating software is easy to use and maintain, well documented and fully supported by our specialist technology consulting services, enabling the development of consistent, transferable skill sets among pricing, actuarial and underwriting teams that help them make better pricing decisions.

Key features

  • Pricing sophistication, permitting both simple and highly complex pricing methodologies
  • Pricing agility
  • Rapid speed to market
  • Rapid reaction to market developments
  • Great accuracy of rate deployment
  • Significant operational efficiency
  • Protection of robust audit and governance controls
  • System scalability that can cope with hundreds of millions of quotes per year

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Radar - Personal Lines PDF 1.7 MB
Radar - Commercial Lines PDF 1.2 MB
Radar - Pricing Reinvented PDF 1.5 MB
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