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Holistic approach to top risks facing organisations in Indonesia

Cyber and D&O liability

May 4, 2021

Organisations are under pressure to navigate these risks in an increasingly complex environment. Our expertise helps you to effectively manage them.
Cyber Risk Management
Holistic approach to top risks facing organisations in Indonesia – Cyber and D&O Liability

Organisations, today, face complex litigation and regulatory landscapes. There is a growing reliance on technology, with advantage going to early adopters and to companies that can identify an opportunity before their competitors have time to act.

But with each opportunity comes risk. The pandemic has made it harder for companies to maintain security and business continuity. When it comes to security, significant growth of cyber-attack incidents, often with disastrous and grievous consequences, have become a concern for organisations. Also, organisations need to have comprehensive protection not only from asset risk perspective but also adequately cover liability, executive and reputational risk.

Willis Towers Watson takes an integrated and holistic approach to cyber risk management to help you manage all aspects of the exposure across your enterprise. We also have extensive experience in the financial, executive and professional risk areas. Our specialised global teams have the industry experience to provide insights into your risk profile, identify bespoke solutions and use the global insurance marketplace to deliver tangible value.

cyber-attacks occurred in Indonesia in 2020
of personal data leaks that occur within a company require the company to spend a budget of 7.5 billion rupiah to use experts like IT Forensics, Public Relations, Lawyers, and other experts
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