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Private Market Solutions

Access to assets that are unavailable through listed vehicles may move your portfolio from good to great. Private markets offers investors expected long-term returns of +3% to 4% above listed equities.

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Challenges you face

Pension funds underestimate their illiquidity budget

Most private markets allocations are over-diversified and revert to the mean

Excessive fees paid to managers and providers

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Solutions that count

Allocate across all private markets areas so you access the best opportunities

Be selective and pick ideas with sustainable thematic tailwinds

Actively structure fair fees including our own (uncommon) pricing

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Meeting your needs

A limited number of high conviction investments


Agnostic across primaries, secondaries and co-investments


A partner who is large enough to influence managers, but not too large it becomes unwieldy

= Custom programme designed according to investor requirements

Our differentiated approach:

  1. 01

    Access to all private assets

    Access to all private assets: We do not view opportunities through the lens of a single asset class. Rather, we offer global investments across private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure. This allows investors to access a broad and diverse range of return drivers.

  2. 02

    Ideas and innovation

    Given the long-term nature of private markets investments, choosing the right investment and manager is crucial. A thematic and selective approach to investing in high-conviction opportunities, coupled with carefully managed capacity, ensures that our clients have fair access to our best ideas.

  3. 03

    Value for money

    In a notoriously high-fee industry, we engage with managers and use our scale and access to negotiate appropriate fees and competitive terms. Year to year, we also offer our clients low, transparent and predictable fees for our services.

  4. 04

    Time and expertise

    Finding high-quality private market investments requires a global presence – people with boots on the ground to build long-term relationships with managers that provide access to limited opportunities. Our team of 35+ private market professionals located across the globe will offer you just that.

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