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Fiduciary Management

WTW’s Fiduciary Management Solutions are designed to target improved financial outcomes, meet the time and expertise requirements of running an investment portfolio, and deliver institutional investors value for their money by offering the benefits of scale and scope advantages.

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A fiduciary management mandate is one where an institutional investor (e.g. corporate pension fund, endowment, foundation, family office) delegates implementation of an agreed investment strategy to our investment professionals. In this way, the institution can gain access to WTW’s best investment ideas, real-time decision making and portfolio management, while relieving the governance burden and operational constraints faced by many institutions.

Having worked with, advised and learned from some of the largest and most successful institutional investors in the world, we have developed a fiduciary management model that incorporates best practices and latest thinking.

Why WTW?

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    Financial outcomes

    For many institutional investors, investment outcomes have disappointed – failing to meet objectives. We help enhance portfolio efficiency by targeting more return for the risk taken. To achieve this, we seek out the best investments from across the full opportunity set of asset classes. Our integrated decision-making process enables us to find value in surprising places, ideas that may be overlooked as they don’t fit into well-known or conventional investment categories.

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    Time and Expertise

    By delegating the execution and implementation to us, boards, trustees, and investment committees can focus their time on making strategic decisions, overseeing core business operations and managing stakeholders. With more than 60 dedicated, portfolio management specialists, supported by a strong operational team with over 200 members and informed by four research teams comprising more than 100 researchers and economists, we have the focus and expertise to implement the right solution for our clients at the right time. (Source: WTW December 2022)

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    Value for money

    Aggregation creates the scale to drive real value for money. WTW’s collective buying power, with assets under management of over US$160 billion, places us in a strong position to negotiate a better fee deal on behalf of all our fiduciary management clients, no matter their size. Scale also allows us to influence product design. We research and identify what we believe is the most attractive risk-adjusted returns and work with highly rated selected asset managers to develop innovative products that meet our clients’ needs. (Source: WTW December 2022)

Our fiduciary management clients enjoy the full spectrum of our Sustainable Investment approach, from the genesis and assessment of investment ideas, through portfolio construction, to the way in which we monitor the performance of our clients' funds.


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