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Change Management

Change is inevitable; success isn’t. How will you succeed in an age of disruption?

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Global disruption is here to stay – and organizations are changing faster than ever before. They’re adopting new technologies, finding new ways to foster success in the distributed work environment and enhancing their health, wealth and career programs to drive growth and elevate their employee experience.

How equipped is your organization to change?

When you reflect on how your organization has changed in the past few years – and consider your readiness for change, culture, leadership capability, exposed and unexposed risk – how well positioned were you to:

  • Respond to the global pandemic?
  • Manage the transition from in-person to hybrid work in a matter of days?
  • Create networked organizations to keep up with the unprecedented demands for growth?
  • Transform your real estate footprint?
  • Engage and enable your people to create a culture of adaptability?

While a level of disruption like this creates challenges, many organizations thrive.

We’re creating “change accelerators”

At WTW, we help you move from complexity to clarity. From the unknown to the untapped. We partner with you to accelerate change efforts, deliver results and thrive.

The key to our success?

We are…


We use data to mobilize action – and we thrive on translating complex data and insights into actionable results. Through our global research and benchmarking, we’re constantly analyzing market trends, evaluating employee behaviors and perspectives, and surfacing new ways to maximize performance. We bring forward these insights, offer comparisons to your organization and industry – and use a data-driven approach to embed the most effective interventions to drive change.


We understand identifying both exposed and unexposed risks is critical to unlocking opportunity. Rather than shying away from the unknown, we dive in head-first and get into the details. Our comprehensive risk assessments allow us to go beyond just the exposed risks like disruptive innovations, regulatory changes, and market fluctuations. We tackle this head-on – and dedicate more time to uncovering and responding to the unexposed risks.

Unexposed risks are the hidden threats that cause confusion, doubt and disengagement. They’re the underlying issues that erode employee trust, cause reactive decision-making and detract from your culture – and ultimately lead your organization to fail. By proactively identifying and addressing these hidden roadblocks, WTW equips you to overcome challenges, accelerate change and unlock opportunities to future-proof your organization.


We believe your business is as strong as your people and your success is rooted in the engagement and empowerment of your leaders and your employees.

By listening to and addressing the needs of your stakeholders, we align on the change direction and championship of the approach. With our guidance, your leaders become the driving force behind your effort. We empower them to authentically communicate the vision and identify operational challenges and solutions along the way. With their commitment, we deliver practical, evidence-based interventions that build trust across your organization.

We leverage this climate of transparency and trust and combine it with our understanding of people, their behaviors and their sense of purpose to develop a compelling strategy that captures both hearts and minds. With WTW by your side, you will inspire employees to adopt our shared vision and fearlessly embrace change.

Our change management expertise and results

From mergers and acquisitions to digital implementation, business transformation, HR redesign, culture, total rewards, and more – there is no change effort too complex. Using data-driven insights and comprehensive risk assessments and engaging employees to create a culture of adaptability, we help you accelerate change and thrive amid disruption.

With our extensive global experience supporting large-scale organizational change, you can be confident you have the right team to get the job done. Our intense focus on organizational readiness, data-driven change framework, people-centric approach and evidence-based interventions have demonstrated success for over 50 years.

WTW has been an instrumental partner incorporating change management best practices at every stage of the project.”

Fred Thiele | VP of Global Benefits & Mobility, Microsoft

Here’s a snapshot of the types of change management work we do

The breadth and depth of our core capabilities help clients make data- and research-backed decisions on topics such as the best way to deploy and reward work and skills or to design, finance and deliver benefits – and manage the stakeholder engagement and implementation of the programmatic or organizational transformation.

Through partnerships with our Health and Benefits consultants, Retirement subject matter experts, Work and Rewards experts and more, we lead change efforts across a number of areas:

  1. 01

    Mergers, acquisitions or divestitures

    • Integration management office (IMO) and change-enabled project management
    • Deal communications and announcement planning
    • Post-integration total rewards harmonization
    • Culture due diligence and integration
  2. 02

    Digital implementation

    • Global benefits digital transformation
    • Technology rollout communications and employee experience (behavior change)
    • Technology implementation change-enabled project management
  3. 03

    Organization transformation

    • Program management office and communications
    • Operating model and culture transformation
    • Enterprise-wide change impact assessment and implementation planning
  4. 04

    HR redesign

    • HR strategy development
    • Review of current state and definition of future state models
    • Stakeholder management and engagement
  5. 05

    Culture, ESG and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

    • Culture assessment and transformation
    • DEI survey and demographic data collection rollout campaign
    • ESG change management and communication strategy and deployment
  6. 06

    Total rewards

    • Total rewards transformation and harmonization
    • Talent management transformation
    • Pay transparency change campaigns

Change-enabled project management

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