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HR OmniSight

An interactive platform that provides compensation market trends and workforce effectiveness information for the China market.

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Today, talent is constantly on the move. As an HR director, it can be a challenge to keep up with the market — not just when hiring, but also when experiencing attrition, for career development, designing rewards, in fact across the whole lifecycle of an employee.

Too often, data is fragmented and has to be pulled in from many different places, and independently verified. It can be challenging to bring different sources and types of data together to what an HR director needs — a holistic picture of an organisation’s talent.

And today, as organisation effectiveness becomes paramount, this can be a serious disadvantage.

Introducing HR OmniSight

HR OmniSight is an interactive platform that provides compensation market trends and workforce effectiveness information for China. It allows you to continuously develop your talent strategy using real-time, complete data.

It pulls data from multiple sources to allow you to visualise movements and trends in the talent market. Complementing our compensation survey data for the levels of pay across industries, it goes on to also allow you to look at job hot spots and understand talent demand trends, plan your company’s compensation structure and can even tell you how effective your workforce is, benchmarked to your peers.

Complemented by Willis Towers Watson Compensation Surveys, HR OmniSight uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide a fully integrated, real-time snapshot of talent market.

HR OmniSight key features

View, download and print

presentation-ready reports

Export data

in a variety of formats in one click

Customise currencies and languages

in both English and Chinese

Conduct a quick search

for a human capital metric in our database

Show your company's competitive position

relative to all companies by industry sector or geographic location

Emphasise the value of individual preferences

by helping client users to stay relevant to their industries and areas of interests while using the platform

Access real time market trend updates

enabling fast responses to the changing environment

HR OmniSight in action

Beyond rewards

HR OmniSight adds value for the entire HR function, going beyond the rewards function alone to:

  • Support HR across the entire people management life cycle, from acquisition to rewards, development and engagement
  • Link external market sources to give a complete picture of the human capital landscape, including economic indicators and jobs in demand
  • Introduce flexibility and customisation, allowing organisations to include their own data for immediate benchmarking on the platform
Graphic showing the features and holistic overview of HR OmniSight and the HR Omni Index, Compensation Scorecard and Workforce Scorecard.
HR OmniSight: Supporting HR across the entire people management life cycle
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