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MPF frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Questions & Answers

Account management  賬戶管理

Q1. I have switched jobs a few times in the past few years and have lost count of the number of personal accounts I have. What should I do?

Q2. I've received an annual benefit statement from my trustee. What points should I note?

Q3. How do I find out how many MPF personal accounts I have?

Contribution  供款

Q1. I have joined my company for more than two months now. When should my employer make the first MPF contributions for me?

Q2. If I work as a private tutor, do I have to contribute to the MPF?

Q3. I work in the catering industry. Does the increase of the MPF contribution cap concern me?

Q4. Are bonuses part of the MPF relevant income for MPF contributions?

Q5. If I continue to work beyond the age of 65, will I still need to make MPF contributions?

Q6. I am employed in Hong Kong by a local company with frequent assignments in Mainland China. Am I covered by the MPF system?

Q7. My company is working with a school to provide internship placements to its students. Will my company need to enrol student interns in an MPF scheme?

Investment  投資

Q1. I'm starting my first job now and need to choose an investment portfolio for my MPF account. Am I allowed to change my selection later on?

Q2. A friend has said that MPF charges have a direct bearing on the net returns and that I should consider and compare such charges by measuring the fund expense ratio. What is the fund expense ratio?

Q3. I hold a guaranteed fund in my MPF account. I've heard that transferring my assets will affect the guaranteed return, is this true?

Transfer  權益轉移

Q1. I'm an HR representative for my company. What should I be doing to help employees transfer their MPF assets once ECA starts?

Q2. I wish to transfer my mandatory contributions and the accrued benefits from my current employment account to an MPF trustee of my own choice. Which form should I fill in?

Q3. Following the MPF semi-portability implementation, can I transfer my voluntary contributions?

Q4. I recently shifted my MPF portfolio to another scheme provider via the MPF semi-portability scheme. How do I find out if my accrued benefits have been transferred properly?

Withdrawal  提取權益

Q1. I have not worked in Hong Kong for years and wish to cancel my MPF account. Can I do it?

Miscellaneous  其他

Q1. I've heard that MPF contributions are tax-deductible, is it true?

Q2. What is vesting rights?

Q3. Would my MPF accrued benefits be affected by the closure of my employer's business?

Q4. What will the MPFA do if my employer has not made MPF contributions for me?

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