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Benefits and the employee experience

Today’s workforce expects employers to take a proactive role in protecting and prioritising their health and wellbeing. There are many factors to consider when designing a benefits plan geared to meeting evolving employee needs, while balancing organisational objectives.

This six-part article series explores how to develop an innovative, sustainable health and benefits program, keeping the employee experience in mind.

  1. 01

    Designing flexible benefits to drive the employee experience

    Employees see greater value when offered a flexible choice of benefits. Employers can optimise their benefit offerings by focusing on those that matter most to their workforce.

  2. 02

    The impact of burnout on wellbeing and the employee experience

    Changes to the world of work have heightened concerns of burnout. Employers can take action to protect employees and improve wellbeing.

  3. 03

    Creating a sleep program to improve wellbeing and the employee experience

    Employees with sleep deprivation are likely to face issues with overall health, wellbeing, and work. Employers can support their workforce with a simple sleep campaign.

  4. 04

    Innovative approaches to medical utilisation for a better employee experience

    With growing pressure to contain costs while prioritising employee health and wellbeing, employers have an opportunity to realign and optimise the use of medical benefits.

  5. 05

    Powering your benefits with technology to lift the employee experience

    In today’s digital world, employees expect a consumer-grade experience from their benefits. Employers can make this a reality with the power of technology.

  6. 06

    Effectively using benefits communication to enhance the employee experience

    A strong, effective and dynamic communication plan can bring value to your benefits offering and enhance the employee experience.

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