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e-Enrolment in MPF - Convenient and Efficient

By Elaine Hwang | November 23, 2022

In recent years, MPF providers have also launched electronic services to actively improve members' user experience and enhance operational efficiency.

With advanced technology, members are used to handling day-to-day routines through electronic means. In recent years, MPF providers have also launched electronic services to actively improve members' user experience and enhance operational efficiency.

Amongst other things, this includes e-enrolment to help new hires sign up to a provider’s MPF scheme.

Electronic access to MPF

When a new employee is hired, the HR department typically initiates a number of MPF-related procedures, such as distributing an employee handbook to the employee and enroling the employee in the company’s MPF scheme.

Under the current law, with the exception of exempted persons, employers are required to enrol new employees in an MPF scheme within 60 days of commencement of employment. Many providers now provide electronic means to assist employers in completing this onboarding process more efficiently.

Invitation link sent by email or SMS

Employers can enter information relating to their newly recruited employees straight into the MPF provider’s system. After undertaking some initial checks on the information submitted, the system automatically sends an email and/or SMS notification to the employee. An invitation link is included to enable the new hire to fill in certain additional information, make fund allocations, open a member account and complete the enrolment process in the MPF.  Some providers send the notification immediately and others send at a specific time chosen by the employer.

To avoid double registration, the invitation link generally has an expiration mechanism, whereby the link expires after the employee completes the MPF registration or after a certain period.

Reminders help employers follow up

Most of the provider's MPF platforms track the progress of a new employee’s registration so that employers can obtain a status update at any time.

If the newly recruited employee fails to register on time, the provider's system will send a reminder to the employer. Some trustees will send it once a week, whereas others will work to timing agreed with the employer. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that employees enrol in their MPF, and so this reminder feature is helpful to ensure the employer meets their legal responsibilities.

Following submission by the employee of the necessary information, it usually takes a few days for the provider to set up the employee’s account. During this time, the provider’s system will send a confirmation message to the employee and employer to confirm completion of the registration process, thereby enhancing the whole MPF enrolment experience.

Further room for use of e-enrolment

More and more employers are now making use of e-enrolment, which is a convenient and efficient way of onboarding new hires. According to WTW's 2022 MPF Service satisfaction survey, more than 40% of employers currently conduct MPF registration electronically. Compared with other electronic MPF services, such as making contributions and submitting termination notices online, which have an 80% adoption rate, there is still room for expansion in the area of e-enrolment.

The introduction of the eMPF system in 2025 is expected to further extend digitalization of the MPF and enhance operational efficiency, including the employers’ and employees’ user experience.

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