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Asia Pacific employers focus on 3 key areas in response to widespread change in the workplace

Insights from the Reimagining Work and Rewards Survey — Asia Pacific findings

March 14, 2022

Far-reaching workplace changes have hit employers hard, particularly around retaining talent. Our survey reveals their key pressure points, and how they’re adapting.
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Infographic: Asia Pacific employers focus on 3 key areas in response to widespread change in the workplace

Rapid change in the workplace has created significant pressure points for organisations

To what extent has your organisation changed in each of the following areas over the past three years?

  • 65% says their ways of working (including increased flexibility)
  • 61% says competencies required of leaders and managers
  • 60% and 56% say technology strategy and accompanying data strategy
  • and 60% say competencies required in HR

Note: Percentages indicate "To a great or very great extent"

Employers face a jump in talent attraction and retention challenges (2020 vs 2022)

+39% for attracting talent and +50% for retaining talent

Majority of employers struggle to attract and retain digital talent across different markets

  • Asia Pacific: 71%
  • China: 60%
  • Hong Kong: 75%
  • India: 85%
  • Japan: 71%
  • Philippines: 77%
  • Singapore: 84%

Note: Percentages indicate those who are experiencing challenges "To a great or very great extent"

Employers look to take action in three strategic areas: work, Total Rewards and careers

Increase in percentage of employers expecting extensive changes globally

  • Optimising work and job design: 50%
  • Total Rewards philosophy: 80%
  • How they Defining careers: 90%

Addressing these strategic areas require new HR capabilities

  • 57%: Build new strategies around work and rewards
  • 54%: Create a human-centric, holistic and purposedriven employee experience
  • 51%: Build a talent ecosystem encompassing alternative work models

Note: Numbers represent percentage of organisations who identify these as important HR capabilities over next 3 years

Key actions for employers

  • Reset Total Rewards philosophy and strategy for the new hybrid work environment
  • Set an overarching career enablement strategy
  • Identify new sources of talent based on more flexible approaches to work
  • Redesign jobs taking into account new skills, work value and changing employee preferences

About the survey: Asia Pacific findings are based on responses from 720 employers representing 4.2 million employees across a range of industries. The survey was conducted between October 28 and December 10, 2021.

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