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Article | Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange

Investments Quarterly ideas Exchange – Q3 2021

August 17, 2021

Quarterly compilation of thought leadership for institutional investors.
  1. 01

    Ensuring your OCIO is aligned with your interests

    Find out how you can identify, manage and avoid potential conflicts in your search for an OCIO partner.

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  2. 02

    Top five myths of investing in real assets

    Cautious about investing in real assets? We dispel common misperceptions, and why we believe this asset class deserves a second look.

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  3. 03

    Asset owner's guide to ESG integration for fixed income and credit portfolios

    What exactly is a "good" approach to sustainability with fixed income? Is it the same across all types of credit? Here we explore the risks and opportunities across fixed income from an asset owner's view, and share best practices and questions asset owners can ask of their own managers to promote further ESG integration.

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  4. 04

    PODfolio: Asset class mini-series

    Our podcast mini-series covers different asset classes in detail and features a concluding episode where we discuss best practice portfolio construction under a Total Portfolio Approach, and address a number of related questions around active vs passive, simplicity vs complexity, and conflicts of interest.

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  5. 05

    MIX - Manager Ideas Exchange 2021

    Our manager research team provides an update on some developments in our research process, our key research priorities for this year, as well as a reflection on our approach and its evolution over the last 20 years.

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  6. 06

    Moving the needle on defined contribution plans

    Does your DC plan need a reset? Learn how plans sponsors can leverage three areas — inclusion and diversity, plan purpose, and plan management — to move the needle for their participants.

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