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The impact of the new normal on inclusion and diversity

EX Conversations – Asia Pacific

By Clare Muhiudeen and Roger Steel | March 18, 2021

As the pandemic hits some employee groups harder than others, it’s a key moment for employers to think about inclusion and diversity.
Our thought leaders Clare and Roger discuss how employers can ensure different employee groups feel equally included and engaged.

2020 saw drastic changes for almost everyone, but some groups have been hit harder than others. Our research shows that this includes women, who face greater responsibilities when it comes to working from home, and juggling work and family matters.

It also includes the LGBT community, who tend to be very dependent on a network of friends and who may feel isolated at home; and also the differently abled, who are at risk of facing job losses and limited job opportunities.

In short, this is a key moment for inclusion and diversity (I&D), and it’s more important than ever for organisations to start to get more engaged with this topic.

In this video, our thought leaders Clare and Roger discuss what employers can do to ensure different groups feel equally included and engaged. They share tips for employers who are starting this journey, and thinking about I&D from various angles, including an Asia Pacific regional perspective and also how it can impact the overall employee experience.

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