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Infographic: How will the HR function adapt, evolve and thrive?

February 19, 2021

We explore how HR roles will be impacted by automation and technology, and how the function can upskill and reskill to drive transformation.
Work Transformation|Employee Experience
This infographic shares how technology is changing the way work is done, and how this will impact the HR function and operating model in the future.

How will the HR function adapt, evolve and thrive?

The HR operating model will evolve, undergoing reshaping and reskilling

  • Thanks to automation and digitalisation, new skills and talent will be required
  • Some roles will be at risk, but new roles will also be created

Roles across HR will be impacted by technology

At risk of displacement:

  • Roles with a focus on transactional tasks are highly susceptible to automation

Action: Upskill to deliver higher value work and drive talent experiences.

Augmented by technology:

  • Mid and senior roles will be changed by access to high quality data.

Action: Embrace technology to deliver more strategic tasks, and drive business transformation.

Technology will create space for strategic work

Less time will be spent on routine administrative tasks such as:

  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Training coordination
  • Onboarding

This will free up time for added work of higher value:

  • Future capability building
  • Workforce planning
  • Building relationships
  • Complex problem solving

New specialist and cross-functional roles are appearing…

  • HR Data Scientist
  • Employee Onboarding Specialist
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Head of Talent Enablement
  • Chief Happiness Officer
  • Head of Work Reinvention and Reskilling

…that require new skills

  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Career coaching and development
  • Business partnership and advisory
  • Assessing future skills
  • Building employee experience

HR leaders can drive transformation

  1. Influence investment in HR technology by demonstrating productivity and business outcomes
  2. Experiment with technology solutions for seamless service delivery
  3. Emphasise the ‘human’ elements of HR work
  4. Elevate the capabilities of the HR function

Talent and Rewards Leader, Singapore
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Shuchi Tyagi
Practice Leader, Singapore
Talent Management & Organization Alignment
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