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Navigating Net Zero: a thought leadership series on climate risk, resilience and sustainability

Insights from the inaugural Climate Risk & Stewardship Summit

September 27, 2021

Climate change is complicated. But in this series, Willis Towers Watson’s thought leaders unpack some of the big issues that the world is facing in the critical Climate Decade ahead.
Environmental Risks

In this special series, our thought leaders share their insights as to what it takes for investors to implement Net Zero targets, how climate strategies must integrate stewardship, how risk quantification methods developed in the insurance industry can be applied to climate and adopted by others in the financial sector, and the importance of culture and mindsets not just datasets in the low carbon transition. You can also hear what our thought leaders have to say on these topics as part of our podcast series, Talking Climate & Resilience.

The series follows on from Willis Towers Watson’s inaugural Climate Risk & Stewardship Summit in May this year, over 3,000 attendees across 3 days explored what the evolving stewardship role of financial institutions as the whole economy transitions to a net-zero and climate resilient future.


  1. Beyond Zero: how we make the transition to a low-carbon economy add up for investors

    By Luba Nikulina

    Luba Nikulina shares lessons from Willis Towers Watson’s own journey to setting a Net Zero target, and what clients can expect on the road ahead to the low-carbon economy.

  2. Stewarding the economy-wide transition to climate resilience, now and for the future

    By Matt Scott

    Following the Climate Risk & Financial Stewardship summit, Matt Scott shares his reflections on what effective climate stewardship means for the finance sector.

  3. The power of culture in navigating climate-related risks and opportunities

    By Marisa Hall

    People are your greatest asset in tackling climate change. Marisa Hall of the Thinking Ahead Institute, reflects on the power of culture to enable organisations to match the challenge of climate change.

  4. Preparing for the storms of the future – what science tells us about measuring climate risk

    By Dr Tina Thomson

    Dr Tina Thomson sets out how the re/insurance sector already has the tools to help businesses identify, quantify and manage climate risk, and how they can be extended to climate resilience transition.

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