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Performance Management and Pay for Performance: A panel discussion

May 2, 2023

Kimberly-Clark, UPS and KPMG share their perspectives and experiences.
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Many leaders express concern that their performance management and pay for performance programs continue to fall short. At the same time, although priorities have evolved in recent years, effective performance management and pay for performance programs are more critical than ever.

Join Takiyah Gross-Foote, Vice President, Talent Management at Kimberly-Clark, Regina Hartley, Vice President, Global Talent Management at UPS and Jason LaRue, Principal-in-Charge, Total Rewards at KPMG for an informative and interactive discussion of performance management, facilitated by Amy Sung, Managing Director, Work and Rewards at WTW. In this discussion, we’ll cover the importance of performance management and pay for performance, emerging trends and what can be done to prepare for the future. We’ll also review WTW’s Performance Reset Survey results and highlights.

Specifically, the panel dives into finding answers to the following questions:

  • Why organizations should continue to strive to implement performance management, and why the programs are necessary to be effective
  • The importance of first defining performance management for your team
  • What needs to be done to improve struggling manager success
  • Why upskilling managers with effectiveness skills is worth it

In part two of our video, we take a closer look at pay for performance – how organizations think about connecting compensation elements with rewarding for performance, factors to consider when determining compensation and the importance of transparency.

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