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Global Benefits and Attitudes Survey 2022 Switzerland: Health and Lifestyle

By Fabienne Züger | August 17, 2022

On average the majority of employees report to be in good physical and mental health.
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The majority of employees in WTW’s Global Benefits and Attitude Survey Switzerland, report on average that they are in good physical and mental health. However, especially younger employees of Generation Z (60%) inform about poor mental health, whereas low wage employees (38%) and Baby Boomers (43%) report the poorest physical health. Employees in poor health tend to be less engaged with their jobs and have more absence days and presenteeism.

In addition, lifestyle risks and unhealthy behaviours can be detected considerably more often with people with poor mental and/or poor physical health. Every second person with good physical and good mental health sleeps for example more than 7 hours per night and 2 out of 5 exercise regularly. However, from the group with poor physical and poor mental health only a third sleeps more than 7 hours and less than 1 out of ten is exercising regularly. Good eating habits follow the same pattern. People with poor mental health seem to have a much higher risk of drinking too much or for substance abuse. Interestingly enough smoking or vaping cannot be seen as indication for poor mental or physical health as the share of smokers/vapers are pretty similar in all groups.

Health benefits are an important factor for the attraction and retention of talent. While low wage employees are less likely to report the plans meet their needs, a majority of employees (61%) agree that their healthcare plans meet their needs.

However, employer resources and initiatives do still not resonate with the employees. Only 25% of employees agree that the resources and plans offered by the employer support their health and have encouraged them to live a healthier lifestyle. Especially employees in poor health are less likely to be positive about employer programmes.

According to the employees the following benefits have been ranked as top priorities the employer should focus on:

  1. Retirement
  2. Flexible work arrangements
  3. Investing in my career
  4. Getting the most out of my benefits.

A culture of wellbeing helps the employees to activate around their health. There are opportunities to promote digital tools and employee resource groups to support employee health.

If you want to learn more about WTW’s Global Benefits and Attitude survey 2022, please reach out to your WTW consultant.


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