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Cargo Undercover

Cargo Undercover is a solution that minimizes potential gaps in coverage and the likelihood of claims disputes, as well as the need to establish the motivation for a claim – a challenge at times of political instability.

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The modern response to a new level of political risk

Cargo Undercover is a tailored and flexible policy solution providing cover for a variety of geopolitical exposures. Effective management of such risks is a crucial component of business success and Cargo Undercover can help companies by transferring some of those exposures to a single policy to protect cargo in transit and in store.

Smart. Tailored. Flexible.

Cargo Undercover combines cargo, war on land, terrorism, political violence and confiscation coverage for cargoes in transit and store.

Smart: Cargo Undercover provides a one-policy solution for multiple, geopolitical cargo exposures

Tailored: Cargo Undercover enables you to build bespoke coverage to suit your operations and risk profile

Flexible: Cargo Undercover offers a suite of solutions that can work in conjunction with your current cargo insurance arrangements

Benefits: One policy, one solution

This smart, tailored and flexible solution covers multiple risks in one policy that:

  1. Minimizes the potential of gaps in coverage
  2. Reduces the likelihood of possible disputes that may arise in the recovery of claims and also removes the need to establish the motivation behind an event (which can prove difficult during political uncertainty)
  3. Can be more cost-effective
  4. Is flexible: There is no requirement to purchase all sections of cover, giving cargo owners the flexibility to choose the specific cover their businesses need
  5. Provides protection from rising insurance costs when the country's risk rating changes, as cover is purchased on a global basis

Perils included

  • Transits by sea, land or air
  • Goods in store, including stock where no transit is involved
  • Political violence while in storage and during transit
  • Terrorism while in storage and during transit
  • Looting whether politically motivated or otherwise
  • War on land extended to include storage exposures
  • Revolution, rebellion and insurrection while in storage or on land
  • Confiscation, appropriation, expropriation, seizure, requisition for title, detention and nationalization
  • Deprivation
  • Forced abandonment
Undercover: Real claims scenario
Missile attack on convoy

In September 2016, a cargo convoy was attacked by a missile. As a result a claim was notified by a local humanitarian agency, who advised that cargoes had been destroyed and prompt reimbursement was required.

The WTW Cargo team immediately advised insurers of the loss. Our specialists were able to secure an early confirmation of coverage, providing a rapid interim payment, followed by the final payment to the client.

Teamwork ensured that the final payment was made approximately 60 days after the initial report of damage.



Having a single policy reduced the potential for gaps in coverage and potential claim disputes. As a result insurers were able to agree with minimal discussion, shortening the overall time taken to settle the claim.

The client received the financial injection needed to help them continue their humanitarian work, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations in the region.

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